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A user-centric flight app

Pastport Mocks 01.png


Travel is a very fragmented space with most travel sites focusing on a horizontal travel experience by providing hotels, flights, cars, etc.


If Pastport incorporates user-centric features like flight tracking, a historical flight map, and a digital passport, it is likely to enhance user engagement, foster loyalty, and increase the likelihood of users choosing the app for future flight bookings.

Pastport Features

Pastport provides users with a custom onboarding experience, an interactive map of their past travels, a hub to collect travel recommendations, flight tracking, and flight aggregating to book their next trip.


Pastport allows users to identify their home airport for easy future bookings and import their past flights from their emails, resulting in a quick and comprehensive map of their past flights.

Onboarding Mocks 01.png
Onboarding Mocks 02.png
Onboarding Mocks 03.png
Onboarding Mocks 04.png


In Trips, users can access all their upcoming trips and also add new ones. On the homepage of Trips, users' next upcoming trip is surfaced in the bottom drawer and they can quickly add a "Rec" through the shortcut on this page as well.


Trip Mocks 1.1.png
Trip Mocks 04.png
Trip Mocks 02.png
Trip Mocks 03.png


Through their profile, users can access their digital passport and view all their past trips, including how many trips they've taken to a country. Additionally, all their past Recs are grouped on a country basis, so they can reference them in the future if they need to.

Profile Mocks 01.png
Profile Mocks 03.png
Profile Mocks 02.png

Flight Tracking

If a user has a saved trip, their flight statuses are automatically updated in that trip. If a user wants to track another flight or say a friend's flight, they can do that through "Track."

Track Mocks 02.png
Track Mocks 03.png
Track Mocks 01.png
Track Mocks 04.png


Pastport features a flight aggregator similar to Google Flights. Users can search for flights and Pastport will return the best deals where they can buy their tickets. If a user has added their home airport, they can skip the step of adding where they're flying out from.

Booking Animations

I spent some time thinking about the animations in this process. I hypothesized that the use of animation here could be strategic in a) differentiating Pastport's booking experience from competitors, b) confirming the user's origin and destination before clicking "search," and c) reducing user fatigue while waiting for flight results to populate.

Social Sharing

For user acquisition, I created a shareable artifact that users could share with their friends or family on social channels. 

Social Artifact.png

Iterative UI

With Usability Hub, I tested a few versions of Pastport and iterated on its UI gradually. This resulted in a lighter color palette compared to the original and also some cool features like a shortcut to add a "Rec" from the homepage of Trips.

Version 1


Version 2


Version 3


Final Prototype

After working on Pastport for a few months, and discovering an eerily similar app called Flighty, I finalized my work with this app by putting together a fully interactive prototype.


While this project didn't result in a new business idea or something I wanted to take live, it was a great way for me to sharpen my UI and prototyping skills. 


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