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Hi there,

I'm Randy Helmcamp 👋🏼

an experienced UX specialist with a background in UX design and research. Beyond UX, I'm passionate about foreign languages and travel, and I enjoy practicing yoga and CrossFit in my free time. Feel free to explore my work and resume below and reach out if you're interested in working together.

UX Case Studies


Indeed Check

Indeed 2023

I led extensive user research and leveraged the findings to design a platform that enabled job seekers to share proof of their credentials with employers.


Keller Williams Redesign

KW 2020

I conducted a competitive analysis on websites across the real estate industry and leveraged the findings to advocate for improvements to Keller Williams' website.


Hulu Capstone Project

UC Irvine 2020

I collaborated in a group of four to research and design a developer console tailored to the needs of software engineers on Hulu's enterprise team.

Passion Projects



I spent a few months designing a user-centric travel app including features like an interactive map of flight history, a booking platform, and a digital passport.


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